If you have pets you will come into contact with fleas at some point. Usually controlled as a pet owner with spot-on treatments at regular intervals throughout the year. Sometimes numbers can get out of hand and infestations can occur within your home.

Fleas will also remain dormant in an unoccupied property, which is why sometimes entering a new property high numbers may be seen as the pupa is stimulated by new vibrations causing the fleas to emerge.

The life cycle is dependent on the temperature, humidity and availability of food. Each of these conditions can affect the rate at which fleas reproduce.

Under ideal conditions the cycle can be as little as 4 weeks and adult fleas can live up to 2 years.

An effective Flea treatment is carried out along with treatment of any pets and washing of animal bedding.

A thorough vacuum is required prior to treatment with the bag or cylinder emptied outside the premises.